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Sore,Red Eyelids(* gritty,scratchy,dry,itchy)

More on the excellent article posted to Facebook today(10/10/17) The prevalent symptoms can be so common and chronic that people give up asking for help. The complicated, multi-factor relationships causing red,dry,scratchy, gritty eyes should be emphasized!¬† A routine eye exam … Continue reading

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National book lovers day

My Facebook page recently featured an excellent article about generic reading glasses and I thought I would add a few details based on my clinical experience. Several assumptions are made : your eyes prescriptions are equal? you don’t have astigmatism … Continue reading

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Eye Doctor Anxiety

Comedians have performed skits about our most famous question,”Which is better, one or two?” Patients tell me they hate this part of the exam because they are afraid of giving the ‘wrong’ answer. Patients and eye doctors seem to think … Continue reading

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eye problems without sypmtoms

How does denial, wishful thinking, fear and other perceptual alterations affect reporting of vision problems?¬† I’ll talk later about more serious¬† vision/systemic health problems but for now we’ll keep it simple. This week two ‘routine’ eye exams on teens revealed … Continue reading

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