Here are a few additions to the fine article by Dr. Dubow posted on my Facebook page.

Lubricating eyedrops contain slightly different formulas for their proprietary “slipperyness”. You might try several types to find the most effective. A visit to your eye doctor might net a sample?

Decongestants= naphazoline, pheniramine, phenylephrine. The contacts you are wearing will concentrate a drop of decongestant and may dilate your pupil.

Unfortunately, dual acting Rx allergy eyedrops can be expensive even with insurance. Use cold compresses on your red, itchy eyes and refrigerate OTC allergy drops for a soothing effect.

If you have trouble instilling eyedrops,  place drop(without touching) in nasal corner of closed eye, then open and it falls in!.Afterwards, keep your eye closed to sequester the drop in your eye. Excessive blinking pumps the drop into your nose.


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