Eye Doctor Anxiety

Comedians have performed skits about our most famous question,”Which is better, one or two?” Patients tell me they hate this part of the exam because they are afraid of giving the ‘wrong’ answer. Patients and eye doctors seem to think they are searching for a single ‘objective’ answer that perhaps a machine could measure? These machines do exist and are used to obtain, ….’a measurement’ of your eyes refractive status. Yet, this number needs to be refined( we ask you) a few more of those famous questions looking for the ‘answer’. Patients are anxious, Doctors become frustrated and impatient when “you can’t decide” on the right answer. If you cut something exactly in half, then ask which half is bigger, don’t you think this is confusing? Patients should relax and realize that your eye doctor should be asking you, in essence, “How would you like to see through your new glasses”? Everybody has differences, situations and preferences which prohibits obtaining the ‘right answer’. Most people can accurately and repeatedly say how they want to see(with some exceptions). You like to see the way you want to see in your world and your doctor should respect that as long as there are no dangers in doing so.

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