Sore,Red Eyelids(* gritty,scratchy,dry,itchy)

More on the excellent article posted to Facebook today(10/10/17)

The prevalent symptoms can be so common and chronic that people give up asking for help. The complicated, multi-factor relationships causing red,dry,scratchy, gritty eyes should be emphasized!  A routine eye exam will need additional testing and progress evaluations. The mentioned methods of intervention could include other ‘natural’ home remedies performed at low cost. Tell a friend and make an appointment

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Blurry Vision

A couple thoughts about the recent, comprehensive post(9/26) to my Facebook page about blurry vision. Hyperopia in children is often missed because children can, with effort,  compensate for significant hyperopia(farsightedness). They won’t report blurry vision but their eyes  fatigue and if eyestrain is too burdensome they may avoid reading!

The absence of blurry vision doesn’t mean there is nothing wrong with your vision. Cardiovascular problems can be detected in asymptomatic patients during routine eye exams

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Here are a few additions to the fine article by Dr. Dubow posted on my Facebook page.

Lubricating eyedrops contain slightly different formulas for their proprietary “slipperyness”. You might try several types to find the most effective. A visit to your eye doctor might net a sample?

Decongestants= naphazoline, pheniramine, phenylephrine. The contacts you are wearing will concentrate a drop of decongestant and may dilate your pupil.

Unfortunately, dual acting Rx allergy eyedrops can be expensive even with insurance. Use cold compresses on your red, itchy eyes and refrigerate OTC allergy drops for a soothing effect.

If you have trouble instilling eyedrops,  place drop(without touching) in nasal corner of closed eye, then open and it falls in!.Afterwards, keep your eye closed to sequester the drop in your eye. Excessive blinking pumps the drop into your nose.


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eyelash extensions

I have to admit that until last week, I didn’t know anything about Eyelash Extensions. My patient presented with bilateral, red, irritated eyelids.Apparently the thicker new plastic extensions create more debris on the eyelid which increases the chances of bacterial overgrowth who feast on the debris. Some of the extension were in direct contact with the lid and perhaps mechanically irritate? The extensions are glued onto the natural lash with fast drying adhesive and I don’t know the composition of that glue. As a neophyte on this particular topic, I advised my patient to clean her lids more extensively and if that doesn’t help, remove the lashes. I’ll wait to obtain more information before making judgements.

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National book lovers day

My Facebook page recently featured an excellent article about generic reading glasses and I thought I would add a few details based on my clinical experience. Several assumptions are made : your eyes prescriptions are equal? you don’t have astigmatism and most commonly wrong- where your eyes position in your head. I regularly measure the ‘optical centers’ of over the counter reading glasses and they are always set in a wider than usual position. If, you are female(eyes generally set closer together) and/or you have a narrow face with narrow set eyes, these generic reading glasses are virtually guaranteed to be misaligned. The misalignment(mm) multiplied by the power in the lens creates a ‘prism’ effect. The higher the power, +2.50 and up, are most likely to force excessive convergence of your eyes when using the eyeglasses. Headaches, eyestrain, drowsiness and a “weird pulling sensation” are common complaints. My recommendation, scatter some of these inexpensive glasses around the house, in the glove compartment, toolbox, etc. When read or use the computer for any length of time , have a quality pair made just for you!

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Eye Doctor Anxiety

Comedians have performed skits about our most famous question,”Which is better, one or two?” Patients tell me they hate this part of the exam because they are afraid of giving the ‘wrong’ answer. Patients and eye doctors seem to think they are searching for a single ‘objective’ answer that perhaps a machine could measure? These machines do exist and are used to obtain, ….’a measurement’ of your eyes refractive status. Yet, this number needs to be refined( we ask you) a few more of those famous questions looking for the ‘answer’. Patients are anxious, Doctors become frustrated and impatient when “you can’t decide” on the right answer. If you cut something exactly in half, then ask which half is bigger, don’t you think this is confusing? Patients should relax and realize that your eye doctor should be asking you, in essence, “How would you like to see through your new glasses”? Everybody has differences, situations and preferences which prohibits obtaining the ‘right answer’. Most people can accurately and repeatedly say how they want to see(with some exceptions). You like to see the way you want to see in your world and your doctor should respect that as long as there are no dangers in doing so.

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Diabetic Vision problems

More on the topic of symptomless problems. This week a 50 year old male who lives in front of a computer eating candy bars and drinking energy drinks had a ‘routine eye exam’. The results of his dilated retina exam was far from routine! This man had advanced diabetic retinopathy which derives from several years of uncontrolled diabetes. He was surprised to learn of his vision problems and really surprised to learn he has been diabetic for a long time and didn’t know it!Diabetics need regular dilated eye exams and everyone should see a doctor for periodic general exams as they age.

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eye problems without sypmtoms

How does denial, wishful thinking, fear and other perceptual alterations affect reporting of vision problems?  I’ll talk later about more serious  vision/systemic health problems but for now we’ll keep it simple. This week two ‘routine’ eye exams on teens revealed significant vision problems requiring optical correction. Why didn’t they notice or why didn’t they want to say something? Regular, comprehensive eye exams can be very revealing especially when no symptoms are self reported! Back to School evaluations.

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